Powerful, Noise-Reduced Blending

The T&G 2 offers reduced sound and blending time. It quickly and easily creates smoothies, frappés, ice cream drinks and frozen cocktails.

Smart Product Design
≈2 peak output HP motor and sound-reducing cover for superior performance in coffee, smoothie, and ice cream shops
• 34 optimized programs engineered to provide consistent results quickly and easily
• Advance® container creates faster, smoother pouring and has a longer blade life resulting in time and cost savings along with improved customer experience

Product Specifications:

Item No.: On Counter: 42009, In Counter: 4404
Motor: ≈2 peak output horsepower motor
Electrical: 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1075 – 1200 W
Pack: clear/stackable Advance® container, complete with Advance blade assembly and lid, and removable compact cover.*
Net Weight: 8,4 kg (9,5 kg with Box)
Dimensions: On Counter: HxWxD: 49,2 x 23,5 x 26,7 cm
Height with lid open: 69,1 cm
In Counter: HxWxD: 38,1 x 22,9 x 26,7 cm
Height with lid open: 57,2 cm
Depth below counter: 14,4 cm


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