Table Models


The rotating column of the table model rests on a stainless steel star base. It has been equipped with adjustable legs to compensate for unevenness in the surface. For an additional fee, the star base is available with stainless steel casters (two of which with brakes). All table models have a mounting eye, enabling them to hang in a refrigerator or to be used on ships.


The table model also comes standard with a practical handle, allowing it to be moved more easily.

PM 84 Standard


This is the most popular model among Plate Mate users.


Both the frame and the casters (two of which have brakes) are of stainless steel. The total height is 186 centimeters, but it can be lowered on request. Placing no less than 84 plates on a surface of 0.36 square meters: the Plate Mate makes it possible. This ‘mobile waiter’ can easily be moved by a person, and barriers and steps are no barrier.


A convenient covers is available as an additional accessory, to prevent odor and dehydration.

PM 84 Collapsible


Save twice the space with the only COLLAPSIBLE plate stacker in the world.


Only Plate Mate is able to allow for the impossible with the Collapsible. The three available models have been specifically designed for lease, catering businesses and companies with very limited space. The models can be folded after use, and hang on the wall or be stored in a corner. All models are stainless steel, both the tubular frame and the casters (two of which have brakes).


A cover to prevent dehydration and odor is available for every model.

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