Family Business with more than 25 years of experience!!


1989 - Founded by Mr. Josef Höller as one-man-business

1998 - Changing from one-man-business to Josef Höller GmbH

         -  Specialized for trading with Inductions

2006 - Starting on Buffet Solutions

         - Development of the Hot Plate -
            Special: Keeping food hot up to +140° C!!

2007 - Launch of the CCP at HOST Milano

         - 1st successes in South East Asia and Middle East

2008 - Nominated for the Karl Ritter von Ghega Innovation Price

2012 - Handing over the Management to Mr. Joachim Höller

2013 - Transitioning the Cold/Hot Plate to a Compact Solution

2014 - Specializing in Chain Restaurants

2015 - Handing over the Business to Mr. Joachim Höller

         - Extending the Cold/Hot Plate for Serial Production and Patent Registration

         - Unique new Products are being introduced:
            Ice Plate, Cold/Hot Well, Wine Cooler

         - Achieved 2nd Place Innovations Awards UK

2016 - Josef Höller Products are being sold in 48 countries world wide

2018 - Achieved 22nd Place Österreichs Wachstumschampion

Service u. Qualität

Joachim Höller:
Service, Beratung und Qualität sind ein wichtiger Erfolgsfaktor für unser Unternehmen.

Adresse / Kontakt

Josef Höller GmbH
Peter-Mitterhoferstr. 4
A-3300 Amstetten

Telefon: +43 7472/ 233 29
Fax: +43 7472/ 233 29-29

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